Monday, September 17, 2018

My ramp is done and it's beautiful!

   So it was finished over a week ago but I never got around to posting photo updates as I've had a weird few weeks of anxiety and strangeness.

  So check out my finished and awesome as all ramp!

It's fantastic and so sturdy! I adore it and places to put little decorations. So easy to manually roll up it also.

Today my power wheelchair got some repairs done to it too! They replaced my drive motors, my shocks, and my front casters. They also replaced my seat cushion which I totally needed.

Last week during Fighter Practice for the SCA? I was talking with a lady about fencing and guess what y'all? I'm going to learn fencing! That's something I never suspected I would do. I'll post photos after tomorrow's practice and let you know how it went!

Monday, September 3, 2018

It's been a long long time

     Over three months in fact. We bought a house that we own outright now and we are out of the apartment that ended up being very bad for us. We ended up buying a vintage 1971 trailer in a very quiet neighborhood and love it. We can hear the cicada and tree frogs at night and there's no crazy road sounds. People are walking in this neighborhood and it's just great.

   We got a kitten in June too and he's the most funny and most adorable little baby in the world. His name is Azrael.

He's a precious ball of strangeness for sure lol

His breed is called a Highlander and he was born March 9, 2018. He'll be 6 months old on the 9th.

Now for the house. Here's some photos of how it's looking right now as we slowly settle in lol.

Living room (lots of shots) there's still a box and we're still missing curtains behind the TV. We're going to have a large shelf put above the windows so we're waiting fro the curtains. That's where my baskets from the box are going to go too.

 Dining room and kitchen. Still have more cherry blossoms to go along the top of the cabinets.

We are having a ramp built by my dad and it's actually almost finished at this point. It's cost a lot of money though and decimated our savings. But one good thing about owning this house outright is we don't have any monthly payments which is nice. Besides the lot rent which is $230 a month. So hopefully we can build up our savings and get into some more SCA events. We're going to on in October called the Clown Tourney. Oh yeah! We've joined the SCA! So reenactment photos will happen to lol.

Here's our ramp progress so far

We estimate it will get finished on Tuesday. So it's almost done. I can use it already so I've been going up and down and escaping the house and it's so nice.

Yesterday my 12 year old did a lot of yard work when she discovered we had stepping stones buried in our yard. So being the hard working kid she is, she dug up all 12 and filled in the holes and put them back down.

They look awesome and today we're going to tackle the rock garden. I did find a home for the Mother Mary statue. I felt weird having her but didn't want to throw her away either so someone picked her up last night.

We have quite a lot to do to get the yard into shape but we'll work on it a little each day an go from there.

I hope I can get back into posting nice and regularly but I'm not going to make any promises. LOL here's how my main collection of vintage pretties is shaping up

So I'll see you all soon. I'll let you know when the ramp is done and post some pics.

Friday, May 11, 2018

We're all moved and unpacked!

   It took a while and a lot of loads but we are completely moved and 99% unpacked. We still have two boxes that will be unboxed tomorrow when we get our new shelves.

  We bought landscaping fabric and borders today for the garden too so we're working on it. The kid and I went on a walk and met some of the neighborhood kitties.

[Image Description: Black cat laying on a cement porch]

[Image Description: Brown and black fluffy tabby cat on a porch next to a 
painted Buddha statue]

We've had a very strange week friends. On Wednesday morning I got a call from a friend that the park's maintenance men had broken into our old house! We still have stuff in the house so hubby went up there and called the police. It was a mess but nothing was stolen and we got the rest of our stuff out of the houses asap.

Then last night hubby and I are sitting on the couch together about 7 pm and I hear a big crunch outside. I'm instantly paranoid because we are getting new neighbors. Sure enough someone had hit our car.

What's worse? It was a company van from the homeless shelter that were helping our new neighbor move in. We exchange info because they shattered our taillight and it needs fixed. What a messed up week.

So I decided to post about it and a friend asked me 'Wow maybe you should check your mezuzot' (For those not Jewish it's a mitzvah that we should have the word of Gd inscribed on the doorposts of our house. So we have a mezuzah. Which you can read about HERE)

I tell her the truth, we've not been able to put up our mezuzahs because the main one for our door was destroyed in the move. Without telling me, my dear dear Orthodox friend went right to her Shul and purchase a new case and klaf for me! She mailed them asap and told me to expect them Monday.

So I'm hoping that getting the mezuzah affixed to our doorways will get some good juju into our house. I know it will make me feel more safe at least.

This is the new mezuzah that is on it's way to us

[Image description: Clear mezuzah case. Klaf is visible inside
and rolled and in plastic for protection]

I've not taken any photos of our apartment really yet. Mostly because I'm waiting to get the final boxes unpacked and then I'll share with you all.

I do have a really cool vintage doll on her way to me. But I'll make another post about that.

I hope to see you guys soon

Shabbat Shalom and blessings to you

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Thrifting Scores

     Last week we went to the thrift store with hubby and look at the pretties we came home with!

[Image Description: Bunny rabbit in a casserole dish with other
glass items around it]

The bunny is for my 12 year old. She has started a collection of these handmade bunnies. This was her fourth one.

The bunny is sitting in a FireKing Casserole dish. The teacup and saucer are also FireKing and then we got a gorgeous Fenton Fairy Lamp.

I think this is my 8th fairy lamp but I'm not entirely sure. I will have to let you know the exact number after we move and unpack.

[Image Description: Blue fairy lamp lit in the dark with a tealight.]

And finally... do you see that green sugar dish behind the bunny? I got another piece of Uranium glass guys!

[Image Description: Uranium glass glowing green under blacklight]

It was some awesome finds for sure. I'm still on the hunt for some of my holy grails. Which include Black McKee Ships (or even red ones) and hot hair balloon pyrex! Some day they will fall into my lap and I will have a major melt down in happiness. lol

It will be interesting to show you all how my pyrex collection ends up displayed at the new house!

Hopefully I'll get some fun posts in the next few days and you can see our new place come together.

Many blessings friends.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Life has been weird and we are moving

   I've not updated because life kind of went off the wall there for a bit. We are moving. Tomorrow actually is starting the move.

  We didn't find a nice house. But we're moving into an apartment in town so we will be able to get out and about and the husband can come home on his lunch break and all.

   So we've been packing and downsizing and how did we get so much stuff?

   With the new apartment and us not knowing anything about the person before us and stuff. We had the vents cleaned out. They said it probably hadn't been cleaned in 40 years! They found legos in there too lol. They also cleaned the carpet. It probably hadn't been cleaned in 20 years. It's still stained some but we've bought a very very large area rug for the front room so there won't be a lot visible thankfully lol.

  The main moving starts tomorrow. We're going to get the beds, couch, and computer desk and computer over to the house. With that all we'll be bringing the kitties too.

   This also reminds me that we need new curtain rods! I'll have J pick them up tomorrow. So yeah....we're moving and it's great!

   However the weird part? My health has been so horrible this month. I don't know what it is but I've been in and out of the ER and I'm kind of miserable. I think things are on the upswing now though and I should be ok.

   We did go thrifting though this past week and I have some photos for you but I'll make them in a new post and schedule it to post tomorrow since I know I'll be all busy with everything.

   I hope someone out there is still reading lol. I'm still here. I promise.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

My kid is a troll - Actually we're a family of trolls + Uranium glass

  We went thrifting last week. We came across a gorgeous Depression Glass plate with Uranium in it!

[Image Description: Uranium plate glowing bright green 
under a black light]

[Image Description: Uranium Glass Plate under a black light]

While we are shining the flashlight on the plate a lady behind us is all 'Oh that's pretty! What makes it do that?' So I tell her it's Uranium depression glass. She gets this weird pinched look on her face and kind of goes 'Oh....Uranium?'

My kid, Gd love her. goes 'Yes! And I'm going to eat off of it until I die!' very brightly. This lady starts looking horrified so I try to explain that it won't hurt anyone and my kid is just dramatic. But my dad pipes up  'oh yes very deadly! She collects it and traps people in her house with it'

So now there is some woman around here who is going to not only be terrified of Uranium Glass but think I use it as a weapon and force my children to eat off it. 

This is how thrifting goes in my family lol.

Unfortunately the plate was really my only find except for a Fire King Pear bowl. I'll post a pic below. It's a bit faded and the painting isn't as good anymore but it was $.50 so I didn't care lol

[Image Description: White milk glass bowl with
yellow pears on it.]

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tarot Thursday

    Sorry I missed last week folks. Things have been a little rough around the edges and I've honestly not been sure how to talk about it.

     Welcome to another Tarot Thursday.

     I'm using my Ukiyoe deck for the next while as I love these cards and they seem pretty accurate. So as always consider your question. Sit for a moment and meditate and then choose a card One through Four. Either comment with your card number or keep it to yourself. Friday I will update the post and tell you what card you chose and the meaning.

[Image Description: Four cards laid out.
They are dark red with gold and red leaves and 
little gold flowers.]

Updating with what you drew!

Card 1 is the Queen of Wands! It's a beautiful woman in a bright orange kimono holding a wand. She has a beautiful green obi also. She dresses behind a screen signifying that her new ideas are founded on old traditions. This card means that you are a sympathetic and understanding person. You are loving and honorable. It's about feminine charm and grace but also meaningful expressions and love. Sincere interest in others.

Card 2 is The Tower. There stands a red and green tower in the background with the top being torn off by lightening. A man and a woman fall from the tower. This card is about huge changes. Chaos. Complete and sudden change. It's about changing opinions or unexpected events. Ruin. Bankruptcy.

Card 3 is The Emperor. The emperor sits adorned with lots of silk in front of a hanging blind. He's sitting ready to receive an audience.  This is a good card. The emperor is about Worldly power. Accomplishment. Confidence and wealth. Stability and authority. Leadership. Male Influence. Father, Brother, Husband. Strength

Card 4 is The Queen of Cups! The Queen of Cups is dressed very elegant and refined. The layers of her kimono are subtle combinations. She holds a vessel in her hands and offers it to visitors. She is a practical and capable person although she loves to dream. This card is about a warm hearted and fair person. Poetic and beloved. Good friend and mother. A devoted wife. Loving intelligence. Gift of vision

I hope you got what you needed from this week's Tarot Thursday