Sunday, January 21, 2018

The handkerchief revolution!

    I'm going to be extremely honest with you guys. I've not left the house since Tuesday night into Wednesday AM when I was in the ER.

    It's flu season, it's been cold and wet and I don't drive. This is one reason this move will be amazing for us friends as I will no longer be trapped in my house. At the new house the kids and I could at least go out in the evening for a roll about.

    I wish I had something witty and funny to post but honestly I've been struggling with my anxiety and being depressed because I'm trapped in my house.

    Although there have been some small funnies. Like my husband tagging me in a video of Storm Troopers twerking. That's some real love right there friends.

    I'm working on some projects with needle point. Right now I'm doing my punch needle and doing a Welcome to Night Vale project. I've only just started it but here's how it's going so far

[Image Description: Black outlined words on white fabric
blue punch needle laying on the fabric. Cloud starting 
to be outlined. Words read All Hail the Glow Cloud.]

  I like stabbing crafts as it's very therapeutic to stab things and not be arrested for it. I really want to get some kits and try my hand at needle felting too as I think that would be super fun! All the stabbing!

 I've been crocheting quite a bit too working on my blanket and I wish I had some exciting life to post about to you guys. Which not knowing what to say is why my old blog was deleted since I'm being honest here. I always see people following blogs of people who are interesting or who do great things but I'm over here angsting and having anxiety attacks about posting and crafting.

Has it been too long since I posted? Not long enough? If I post now will people think I'm oversharing? Omg, has it been too long since I posted? Cue my anxiety which leads to me not posting or deleting my blog. Often this anxiety then manifests in other ways and cue my health anxiety and suddenly I'm convinced I'm dying. It's a horrible cycle and I sometimes get really entrenched in it and it sucks balls.

Having a blog again worries me but honestly I like having this place to talk about stuff. It's good for me I think to talk about it all. Even if I'm talking to no one. Maybe my doll house will be finished being built soon so then I can share photos of painting and papering and furnishing it. I think that would be pretty interesting to talk about for you guys I think.

Oh I do have one minute thing to talk about that I was thinking yesterday. Why don't people use handkerchiefs any longer? I embroidered a bunch recently as we're an allergy tear prone family

[Image description: Little bee with a flight trail embroidered
onto a white hanky]

[Image Description: Little red fairy house, three birds, and green
grass embroidered on a white hanky]

Maybe it's because I grew up with my dad always having one in his pocket? You get dust in your eye and they start watering awfully? Ask dad for a handkerchief. Start sobbing over a commercial or bad news? Handkerchief.

So why has this habit gone away? Can I start a revolution? Everyone needs a hanky in their pocket! I don't care if you are 11, 17, or 40. Get yourself a handkerchief as they are very valuable and wonderful things.

My kids are now 14 and 12 and I always make sure they have one in their pocket. Lets start our revolution friends and don't let handkerchiefs become a thing of the past.

Stay warm (or cool) and dry and comfortable friends. And remember to always carry a handkerchief.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

They accepted our offer

   The offer on our house has been accepted! So we're in escrow right now. Inspection will be Saturday the 27th from 2-6 pm and we're supposed to come over at 4:30 and hang out with the dude so he can tell us the entire story about the house.

  Interestingly? I got a facebook pm from the seller this morning. LOL she's in Florida living now but I guess like three of my facebook friends are really close with her and were urging her to take our offer. Then she offered us the dining room table left at the house, the lawn mower, and the new bed she had in the third bedroom.

  The place has been bug inspected and there's no bugs of any sort so we're cool with using the bed. My kid is 14 and has been sleeping on a rinky dink twin bed bunk bed thing. I thought that was pretty cool. Here's the bed kiddo will get.

I'm not sure what kind of bedding we'll go with for her yet. We'll probably decide when we get moved lol She has a nicer bed-frame than we do haha.

In the meantime we're deciding what to sell here so we don't have as much junk to move and what to take with us. I sold my dresser because walk in closets. We're also going through the kids clothes and toys.

I'm excited and very nervous. I hope this all works out and we are moving into our new home this time next month.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

I'm having a (doll) house built!

   I guess I'll preface this by saying that we put an offer in on the house (the real one) last night. They have until 7 pm today to reply. We've not heard anything yet and it's driving me up the wall.

  Back on topic though, I've always wanted a doll house even when I was a child and never got a real one. Lately, well in the past four years honestly, I've become obsessed with miniatures. So I contacted a local wood worker and asked him to build me a room box. Now because I'm poor af I really just wanted a plain room-box. They look something like this:

It's just something nice to make one room in and see how I liked it. Well now my project has grown. He decided since he's never done a doll house before he wanted to make me an actual house with working lights and two rooms and a loft. All with no extra charge and he's building me cabinets to go in my little kitchen.

So he sent me pictures last night of it so far and I'm blown away

It's made of 100 year old barn wood and he's even putting in little shingles and everything for me!

Now my planning has gotten bigger as I had only planned out a kitchen and now I have a kitchen, living room, and a loft.

I've decided it's going to be a haunted attic. I want there to be dilapidated dusty furniture and all kinds of weird knickknacks. I'm working on a miniature Ouija board to be on the floor too. I'm still pondering the bed, I know what I'm going to make it out of but how to make it old is where I'm puzzling a bit. I'm going to make the blankets and stuff on it myself too. I want to get a little doll house doll and make her into a creepy ghost. I think I'll have some chains in the attic for the little ghost to rattle too.

I've not even considered what I'm going to do for the living room though. Perhaps I'll ponder that today as we wait for the realtor to call and while I'm at the audiologist for more tests to order a new hearing aid.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my little house in progress photos. I'll update more when I get more and as I plan my awesome little house.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Take all my money! Or the we're buying a house saga

     So I have news.... on Monday at 6 pm we are filling out all the paperwork and putting an offer down on the house. If the offer is accepted the closing would be in late February which will give us time to sell this house and also get all our hoard of stuff packed up lol.

     It's a 3 bedroom 2 bath manufactured home build in 2007 and is in fabulous condition. It's on a corner lot and has a fenced in back yard. I took a photo of it the other day at dusk and I'll share that and then some pics I lifted from the listing to share what it looks like inside.

[Image Description: White one story home with black shutters, 
small porch, and a walkway. Photo taken at dusk]

 So much good would come from us getting this home. We'd be back in town which for someone like me who can't drive and we have no accessible vehicle would be epic. The kids and I could easily just roll/walk around to places we need to get. It's a block over from my parents which is good for all of us. It's my old childhood stomping ground across the street from where my friend R used to live. R passed away last year and I think living near her old home would remind me of such wonderful times together.

 Also I've got two childhood friends who are within walking distance of this new house. The city park is 5 blocks away (they've got a free splash pad in the Summer too), there's a bakery just down the road, the dollar store, the library, and so much more. All within walking distance. Also hubby works in town so he could come home during lunch which would be super nice as we don't usually see him until after work is over.

So for some house pics here we go:

[Image Description: Side View of house. Little Garden towards road]

[Image Description: Behind house, little shed and fire pit, large tree] 

 [Image Description: Master Bedroom - Carpeted]

 [Image Description: Master Bathroom, toilet and mirror and sink]

 [Image Description: Tub/shower combo in master bathroom]

 [Image Description: Bedroom #2 - Carpeted with window]

 [Image Description: Second Bath. Sink, toilet, tub]

[Image Description: Third Room, carpeted with window] 

 [Image Description: Large kitchen, lots of counter top and cabinets
Bar with high stools. Vinyl flooring to look like wood.]

[Image Description: Photo of back of house. Three windows
in the middle look into the kitchen]

 [Image Description: Carpeted Living room opens into 
kitchen/dining room]

One thing I love about this house? Besides the good floor plan and the fact that it has a real life pantry?  It's got walk in closets and a laundry room that I can actually get to the washer and dryer with.

Where we are currently the washer and dryer are in a tiny room that I can't get into with my wheelchair but in this house the washer and dryer are right inside the back door in the hall! Make everyone take off their shoes/boots and no tracking snow and stuff into the house either!

Here's a photo of the laundry nook in the hallway from the second door out of the master bath

So as you can see it's an awesome looking home. I really hope the lady selling it will accept our offer and we can set a closing date!

I love that there's some nice and very pretty landscaping done already. This means there's less I will need to do to make it look awesome lol. I do have my own garden decor that will go in as well as my Tibetan prayer flags but we can definitely make this place our home!

So send us good thoughts and prayers and I'll keep you updated on our home buying process and how it's going.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

    One week of photos from my 365 day project. Except one birthday cake photo which I already shared.

[Image Description: Three glass candle holders called fairy lamps.
All are vintage. One on the right is shaped like a small lamp and is 
clear. The one in the middle is a dark blue dome. The last one
is a light blue fairy lamp with roses on it]

[Image Description: Closeup of a calico colored cat. She has
golden eyes and white whiskers.]

[Image Description:  A Hebrew prayer book illuminated
by a red and pink fairy lamp. Photos of my deceased
family in the background]

[Image Description:  Grey Me to You bear with 
'To Calypso with love...' written on it's foot.
A doll wearing blue and a yellow baby doll
in it's lap]

[Image Description:  Two hearing aids on beige lace. One silver
and one black. They have blue stickers with purple hearts
blue thread wrapped tubes, and black and red moulds.]

[Image Description:  Flowered white teacup lined with gold admist
pyrex teacups.]

[Image Description: Christmas tree with multicolored lights. 
No decorations on it next to a couch with an orange cat
sitting on the arm]

Sunday, January 7, 2018

The good and the bad

       I guess I'll start with the good news first as I'm really still kind of in shock with the bad news. We also got the good news towards the end of the good. Yesterday was my oldest kid's birthday! She turned 14 and damn doesn't that make me feel old. My younger kid's birthday is coming up in 8 days and she'll be 12. So we had a party for them yesterday.

[Image Description: Photo of a cake in the dark with lots of
lit up candles. Reads Happy Birthday with names
blurred out.]

  It was a really good party even though my mom is in Florida. My Sil and brother came and brought their very adorable children (My Sils birthday was January 1 so her party too). We ate Chinese food and then ice cream cake and finished off with presents.

 So it was a great night, I got cute baby snuggles and it was a nice night. As my Sil and Brother were packing up to leave? My dad got a phone call from his brother's neighbor. Now if you remember my dad lost his mom in December. Well it turns out my Uncle Rob died. They found him yesterday in his kitchen, it was apparently from natural causes but he'd been there a few days. 

Now my Uncle Rob was an amazing guy but be was definitely a tortured artist type. He'd written many books pertaining to the metaphysical and was obsessed with ghosts and psychics and near death experiences. 

Unfortunately Rob was also sick and battled with addiction since he was about 15 years old. But Uncle Rob got me sure he was a little nutty but aren't we all? I have severe anxiety and he understood my fear of death and would recommend books to me to help me feel better and we'd talk about Near Death Experiences and all that.

So it did completely shock me to find out that he had passed. I'm not even sure what to say. I need to gather my thoughts but he was a writer! He published many books and I'll list there here and maybe someone will be interested enough to check them out. Robert J Grant is his name.

Here is a list of the books he published:
Love & Roses from David: A Legacy of Living and Dying (1994)
Are We Listening to the Angels?: The Next Step in Understanding the Angels in Our Lives (1994)
The Place We Call Home: Exploring the Soul's Existence after Death (2000)
Universe Of Worlds: Exploring the Frontiers of the Afterlife (2003)
The Magdalene Diaries: A Novel (2005)
Edgar Cayce on Angels, Archangels, and the Unseen Forces (2005)
Edgar Cayce Angeles, Arcangeles y Fuerzas Invisibles (Spanish Edition) (2008)
The Magdalene Diaries (Illustrated Deluxe Edition): Inspired by the readings of Edgar Cayce, Mary Magdalene's account of her time with Jesus (2017)

May his memory ever be a blessing.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

I have a phobia of the doorbell

  First off Happy New Year to everyone reading this! Have an adorable cat in a New Year's hat photo from me

[Image Description: Bengal spotted cat with a hand made
New Years hat on his head. Sitting in front of blankets.]

Today I was sitting here on twitter and avoiding the cold because it was -10 degrees with a -26 windchill and that's freaking cold so no way I'm leaving this house. Anyway, I'm on twitter wrapped in a blanket and the doorbell sounds. I panic and make my husband get it. It's a plumber who broke his phone and is trying to answer a call but doesn't have the address and is going door to door for the whole street. Hubs tells him it's not us and he goes on his merry way.

A few hours later the doorbell goes off again, this time it's the mailman but once more I have this paralyzing fear of getting to the door. I think I have developed a phobia of answering the door.

I didn't use to have this phobia, it started when we moved to this house in 2016 and I'm not entirely sure why. Maybe it's because the door opens awkwardly into the hallway and with my wheelchair I have to back up really strangely or go all the way into the hall to get the door. So if someone wants to burst into the house and kill me it will be easy because I'm awkwardly sitting in the hall leaning over backwards to open the door.

Maybe it's because half the time I have to get dressed to answer the door? Usually I'm wearing something frumpy that really doesn't fit me well and my hair is uncovered at home. lol

Or it's because when the hubby is at work I never know who is on the other side of the door?

I'm not sure why my phobia of the doorbell happened. We are trying to sell our house and buy a new one in the town I grew up with actually and one block over from where my parents live. I wonder if we get the house if my doorbell phobia will vanish?

The new house would be easier to maneuver for answering the door at least. However, since I'm not sure what caused my phobia I guess we'll have to wait and see. If my door phobia is related to putting on clothes lol which is a real possibility well then moving homes won't cure it.

Anyway real quick before I let you guys go. I've decided to do a 365 day photo project this year! I'm only going to probably share a weeks worth of photos at a time so it's not daily obnoxious posts. Maybe I can do it as a Wordless Wednesday.

In the meantime have my first two photos of 2018

[Image Description: Jar sitting on desk with origami lucky
star falling out of it onto the black desktop.]

[Image Description: a blue, yellow, red and green light
glowing under some snow. The blue light is sticking
out somewhat because of the heat of the light.]