Thursday, April 5, 2018

My kid is a troll - Actually we're a family of trolls + Uranium glass

  We went thrifting last week. We came across a gorgeous Depression Glass plate with Uranium in it!

[Image Description: Uranium plate glowing bright green 
under a black light]

[Image Description: Uranium Glass Plate under a black light]

While we are shining the flashlight on the plate a lady behind us is all 'Oh that's pretty! What makes it do that?' So I tell her it's Uranium depression glass. She gets this weird pinched look on her face and kind of goes 'Oh....Uranium?'

My kid, Gd love her. goes 'Yes! And I'm going to eat off of it until I die!' very brightly. This lady starts looking horrified so I try to explain that it won't hurt anyone and my kid is just dramatic. But my dad pipes up  'oh yes very deadly! She collects it and traps people in her house with it'

So now there is some woman around here who is going to not only be terrified of Uranium Glass but think I use it as a weapon and force my children to eat off it. 

This is how thrifting goes in my family lol.

Unfortunately the plate was really my only find except for a Fire King Pear bowl. I'll post a pic below. It's a bit faded and the painting isn't as good anymore but it was $.50 so I didn't care lol

[Image Description: White milk glass bowl with
yellow pears on it.]

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tarot Thursday

    Sorry I missed last week folks. Things have been a little rough around the edges and I've honestly not been sure how to talk about it.

     Welcome to another Tarot Thursday.

     I'm using my Ukiyoe deck for the next while as I love these cards and they seem pretty accurate. So as always consider your question. Sit for a moment and meditate and then choose a card One through Four. Either comment with your card number or keep it to yourself. Friday I will update the post and tell you what card you chose and the meaning.

[Image Description: Four cards laid out.
They are dark red with gold and red leaves and 
little gold flowers.]

Updating with what you drew!

Card 1 is the Queen of Wands! It's a beautiful woman in a bright orange kimono holding a wand. She has a beautiful green obi also. She dresses behind a screen signifying that her new ideas are founded on old traditions. This card means that you are a sympathetic and understanding person. You are loving and honorable. It's about feminine charm and grace but also meaningful expressions and love. Sincere interest in others.

Card 2 is The Tower. There stands a red and green tower in the background with the top being torn off by lightening. A man and a woman fall from the tower. This card is about huge changes. Chaos. Complete and sudden change. It's about changing opinions or unexpected events. Ruin. Bankruptcy.

Card 3 is The Emperor. The emperor sits adorned with lots of silk in front of a hanging blind. He's sitting ready to receive an audience.  This is a good card. The emperor is about Worldly power. Accomplishment. Confidence and wealth. Stability and authority. Leadership. Male Influence. Father, Brother, Husband. Strength

Card 4 is The Queen of Cups! The Queen of Cups is dressed very elegant and refined. The layers of her kimono are subtle combinations. She holds a vessel in her hands and offers it to visitors. She is a practical and capable person although she loves to dream. This card is about a warm hearted and fair person. Poetic and beloved. Good friend and mother. A devoted wife. Loving intelligence. Gift of vision

I hope you got what you needed from this week's Tarot Thursday

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I miss thrifting and my foray into needle felting

   I've not been to a thrift store since March 1 and it makes me sad but I've had so many appointments and procedures and things it's been wild. Tomorrow I have a rheumatology appointment and I was stuck in bed yesterday and today with a migraine and then a store neck because I hurt my muscles.

   I am working on my journey frog needle felting project although I don't have any pics yet. So I'll share the other ones I've don already

  First up we have a little blue bunny I made for my daughter!

[Image Description: Blue felted bunny with white stomach]

Then I did a little fox with directions from the book, which is also how I did the bunny lol. I adored how my little fox came out. He's hanging out with me and enjoying himself lol.

[Image Description: Little orange and white fox done
from needle felting wool]

Then I decided to try something without a pattern. So I did a little whale. I am so proud of how my whale turned out even if from the front he looks a bit shark like lol

[Image Description: Little blue whale from the side view]

[Image Description: Little blue whale from the front with a little smile
on his face]

Tomorrow I'm going to finally finish up my 'All Hail the Glow Cloud' punch needle embroidery. I needed more black embroidery thread and finally got some! So yay to finishing projects lol

So the next few weeks is going to be kind of crazy. As I mentioned earlier I have a Rheumatology appointment tomorrow. Well then on Friday? Passover begins. Because my health has been crap I'm told I'm not allowed to give up chametz for Passover. So I'm trying to work our lives into Passover anyway. It's difficult but we can do it. We'll hold our own tiny little seder on Saturday evening.

We'll be doing some deep Spring Cleaning starting tomorrow.  Next Wednesday I have a Gastric Emptying Study at 8 AM followed by a Neurology appointment that afternoon. Then the next day? I have a neurology procedure.

So these next few weeks are kind of stressful. Honestly I'm having a hard time keeping up. I want to break down and cry too but I'm trying to hold my head up over the waves.

Maybe after my appointment tomorrow we can do a quick trip to a flea market. I'd love to find something nice here or there just to make me smile.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Wordless Wednesday

[Image Description: Fuzzy white and brown cat. Close up of her face
and she's laying half on someone's armpit]

Sometimes, my friends, you just need a cat in your armpit to make you feel loved.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Tarot Thursday

   So first off. Still no good news on the house. We do have folks looking at it today, tomorrow, and Saturday. Now for Tarot Thursday we're using a new tarot deck that I have!

   As always choose between 1-4 and I'll reveal your cards tomorrow in this same post so you can see the meanings.

[Image Description: Maroon cards with leaves and flowers in gold and red
Cards are numbered 1 through 4]

Now you might be wondering what card I drew for myself today? I drew a 10 of Wands

[Image Description: 10 wands in an orange sky
over grass]

The 10 of wands is about pressures. Excessive pressures and Burdens. It means I have problems that will soon be resolved. I have a few things on my mind lately and I've been horribly stressed. Hopefully this means that an end to my extra stress will happen soon.

Edited at 00:41 AM on 3/16/2018:

It's time for our card reveal!

[Image Description: Four tarot cards face up. Image Descriptions below]

Card number 1 is the Two of Pentacles: On the card there are two Japanese coins on a red background. To the side a bird carried a pear blossom and seems to be struggling. Along the bottom of the card are a bunch of pear blossoms which signify purity and longevity. Also a diamond hangs from the blossoms. This card is about having troubles getting things moving. Difficulty in moving projects out of their planning stages. This card is also about hard situations and worry. It can also mean embarrassment.

Card number 2 is the Ten of Cups: 10 bowls stand among a blue background. Beneath them a crane stands on the bank of a marsh. Pine trees are in the distance. Cranes symbolize happy marriages and loyalty. Probably because they only take one mate in their entire life. This card is such a warm card. It means home and pleasure. Peace, Love, contentment. It also means a good family life as well as honor.

Card number 3 is Justice: A woman in a red and purple kimono is holding the instruments off justice. This card is very much about balance and righteousness. Virtue and honor and a sincere desire inside of you. It's about good intentions and well-meaning actions.  Accepting things with poise and not making a fuss.

Card number 4 is the Nine of Pentacles: Nine Japanese coins on a blue background with seasonal spring flowers above and below in pink. This card is about accomplishments. It's also about love of nature and material well-being. Being content in where you are in life.

I hope the cards this week helped you out somewhat.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Hopefully getting some good news tomorrow

     Sorry I missed Tarot Thursday and then was quiet all weekend. I was feeling kind of under the weather. It's been sucky but I think I'm better now!

     Tomorrow we will know if the folks who wanted to buy our house will officially be buying it. I'm a nervous wreck and so ready to get moved and get out of here. So here's hoping. I'll be sure to update when we know something, although anything negative will probably just be posted in a bigger post.

    Because of not feeling well and my mom being sick we just stayed home all weekend and I played video games and I'm working on some needle felting. I'm working on a little Tabikaeru or Journey Frog right now! It's a phone game I play. Here's what the little froggy looks like

     I'll share with you all my needle felting projects I've done so far tomorrow as well as a punch needle embroidery project I'm finishing up tomorrow.

     Now onto games. Do any of you play VRchat? It's an online virtual reality game? I love it and I play it often. I seem to be adopting children left and right in the game. It started with three people I met discovered I had kids and was in my 30s. They started calling me mom and then introducing me as mom. So now I've got like 30 folks in this game who call me mom or grandma. It's hilarious and a very screwed up family but dude we have fun.

      This is the cute avatar I found today and I like her a lot.

  However, I also play as a Jellyfish pokemon

    Honestly lol most folks go through avatars pretty quickly. It's been a big time waster and great for folks like me who are cooped up inside and need some interaction and socialization. If you haven't checked it out you should! It's a free game and you can play through Steam if you know anything about Steam.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My dollhouse in it's natural habitat

  I swore to that I had posted photos of my dollhouse at home. No joke I remember coming on here and writing the post and sharing photos, but it's not here. So it must have been some elaborate dream and I fail at updating this blog which is exactly the problem I seem to have with all my blogs.

   Well now I'll actually post it for you guys. My dollhouse is here, I haven't started decorating the inside yet as we're still in the packing and moving process but I can still share it with you and how awesome it looks.

[Image Description: Victorian style cottage. Blue with white trim.
Dark wooden colored shingles and door and window shutters.
Some white moulding along the front. Two dormer windows 
with lights inside. Sitting next to vintage ceramic Christmas trees.]

 [Image Description: Same image as above just a closer photo]

[Image Description: Close up of gingerbread detailing on the 
dollhouse done in white]

  I'm still not sure how I'm going to decorate the living room. I have all of the kitchen planned out and I've got a general idea on the little haunted loft. My husband suggested lots of books and comfy chairs in the living room and I kind of like that idea.

  Now I never updated what was happening with our real house situation. We extended the closing date to March 28th to try and get this place sold. We have three people looking at it this week. Hopefully someone will buy it and we can get moving.

   Meanwhile, I really don't understand people at all. I took photos of our house for the listings but I keep getting messages from people who want pictures of our house empty. I'm like 'Dude I'm living here. I have no way to empty it!' lol just so so bizarre.

    Hopefully I'll have some good news for you guys on the house buying and selling front soon.